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Eat More Mushrooms Project

My partner Kaya and I are overjoyed to introduce Eat More Mushrooms Project! We believe that eating more mushrooms is one of the best (easiest and most effective) things people can do to improve overall health, and we’re working to make this more accessible.

Our first phase of the project involves setting up satellite mushroom gardens that exist to provide people in need with a source of nutrient dense food, and to develop as a platform for community cook outs, cultural exchange, and collective learning. We are focused on urban communities. In partnership with Kingston Land Trust, this past Saturday (4/20) we donated 25 ready to fruit Shiitake Logs from our farm to the beautiful Red Fox Ravine on Wilber Ave. It was a wonderful day of connection and hard work made light by many hands. Check out this gorgeous new park if you're in the area, and please say hi to the mushrooms!

More to come soon: a crowd sourced recipe page, youtube cooking channel and inoculation workshops... stay tuned! (Photos: Costa Boutsikaris)


Fungi are a valuable underutilized resource, especially here in the US. As humans, I believe we are still in the “baby” stages of understanding the vast potential of partnering with Fungi. The possibilities can be overwhelming, where do we begin? Eat More Mushrooms project focuses on the primal nature and very glue of culture and community: cooking and eating together. We believe one of the best things people can do for their health is Eat More Mushrooms, and we are committed to developing resources that aim to make Fungi more accessible to everyone.

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