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     Myco - Fungi

     Philic - a fondness or affinity for.

     I love fungi, they are extremely fascinating and have endless potential in so many different realms. Through educational programming, ecology walks, edible mushroom cultivation consulting and specialty mushroom products, I hope to broaden the field  and offer a resource to people who are interested in this amazing kingdom of life.

     The US is considered a mycophobic  nation, meaning that the majority of Americans grow up learning about plants and animals but are told to "stay away from mushrooms, they could be dangerous." As a result, I didn't learn about fungi until I was in college (at SUNY ESF), where two major professors introduced me to this fascinating Queendom/Kingdom/Kindom of life. I came out of school in love (with Fungi) and in debt.


     We share 50% of our DNA with fungi, yet we learn so little about them. I created Mycophilic as a platform to share and explore the fascinating intricacies of these amazing organisms. I believe that learning resources should be accessible to all, especially people of low income and those from impacted communities. Please contact me for more information, or with opportunities to serve the underprivileged.

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